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5 Ways to preserve those summer flavours..

5 Ways to preserve those summer flavours.

When fruits, vegetables and herbs are ripe for the picking, try our preservation techniques to keep those brilliant summer tastes available to you all year. Get to those huckleberries before the bears do!

1. Herbs can be kept longer

(While keeping their flavour) by drying them out. Just hang them in bundles upside down somewhere warm and dry.

2. Try mixing herbs with some oil

And then freeze them in an ice tray. Not only will they last longer but they’re a fantastic flavour boost for use when cooking.

3. Drying out mushrooms

Away from heat and moisture actually intensifies their flavour. Once dried put them in an airtight container and they can last for months. Just soak them in water to use them again.

4. Honey is a great preserverJust drop in your favourite herbs and spices (we like lavender, rosemary, cinnamon or cloves) to add a delicious flavour kick.

6. Mastered jam? Try chutney. That way you can preserve your veggies too, and add a tasty treat to everything from sandwiches to curries.

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