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For the love of food,

friends & family.

About Us

At The Grater Good we believe through the creation and sharing of food, we convey our love to our family, our friends and our community. With our small town welcome and our commitment to true customer service, we can assist you in your quest to nourish your soul and those around you. No matter your skill level, the right tools make your adventures in the kitchen, the most enjoyable they can be. Embrace the giving and sharing of food.

We are grate-ful, for you, our customer.

Thank you for visiting us and happy cooking!


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Heat things up in your kitchen! We have the brands and price levels to suit any budget, need or want. Traditional cast iron, cast enamel, copper, stainless steel, ceramic, metal, nonstick. Dutch ovens and stock pots, frying, grilling and braising pans, coquettes, woks, roasters or what you cook and even more, love what you cook it in.

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Table Top


A well presented table marks a moment and helps us to appreciate and anticipate the fabulous food we are about to share. We can help make it fun and easy with a wide assortment of barware, linens, dishes and serving pieces. Keep it white, go crazy for colour or mix and match there are no rules. From cocktails to dessert we've got you covered. Visit our store.



We believe that baking is edible art. It is relaxing and therapeutic, an angel's dance on the tongue. Whether you are 2 or 92, a sweet treat is always a comfort. With our large selection of baking moulds, pans and bowls, you will be well prepared to mix, bake, decorate and eat! Visit our store.


It all begins here! From the right recipe to work horse tools like gadgets, choppers, blenders and the perfect knife; the right prep tools help you to become one with your food. Come visit our store to shop for our curated cookbooks, knives, gadgets and small appliances. 



Waking up or calming down? Coffee or tea? Whether you want it hot or iced, brewed, steeped or frothed we carry all the essentials. Now serve it in your new favourite cup or mug.

To spice things up, check out our large selection of pepper and salt grinders, shakers and other tools to spice up your meals. Visit our store.

Coffee, Tea & Spices


Seasons change and so do our culinary needs. Christmas to canning.......take advantage of all the seasons and all of their glory. Come visit us to find a beautiful selection of kitchen and home supplies for any taste. 

Visit our store.


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